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Benjamin Samstein
Benjamin Samstein, MD
Rodrigo Sandoval
Rodrigo Sandoval, MD

The fellowship at NYP/Columbia offers one of the strongest abdominal organ transplant surgery training programs in the world. The program offers exceptionally strong training in liver, kidney pancreas transplant and hepatobiliary surgery. The clinical program covers the largest liver and kidney transplant programs in New York.

Dr. Benjamin Samstein, Assistant Professor of Surgery, is the Transplant Surgery Fellowship Program Director.
Dr. Rodrigo Sandoval, Assistant Professor of Surgery, serves as Associate Program Director.

Transplant Surgery Fellowship at Columbia University

The liver transplant program is one of the busiest programs in the country. Under the leadership of Dr. Jean Emond, Thomas S. Zimmer Professor of Surgery, the program has an international reputation for living donor liver transplant and hepatobiliary surgery. The Living Donor Liver Transplant Program is one of largest in the country and routines performs donor hepatectomies laparoscopically. The pediatric transplant program is one of the largest in the country and pediatric transplants are covered by the fellows. The program Approximately 150 hepatobiliary operations are performed each year by surgical staff. These include more than 75 hepatectomies of which more than 30 are performed laparoscopically. The program will be certified as hepatobiliary training program through the ASTS for fellowships beginning in 2013.

The kidney and pancreas arm of the program offers an equally broad experience. Under the guidance of Lloyd Ratner, Professor of Surgery, the Renal and Pancreas Transplant Program exposes the fellows to a wide range of kidney transplants. We perform approximately 125 live donor compatible transplants and approximately 125 deceased donor renal transplants including 2:1 transplants, pediatric donors and ECD donors. Dr. Ratner pioneered the use of laparoscopy for donor nephrectomy. We perform 10-15 pancreas transplants annually.

The services are well staffed with 24-7 PA coverage for all direct floor responsibilities. Fellows are responsible to supervise care along with PGY IV, III, II and I along with the Pas.

There are many opportunities for academic activities as well. The CCTI head by Megan Sykes, MD was established in April 2010 and will include 11 independent laboratories working in various areas of organ transplantation, hematopoietic cell transplantation, Type I diabetes, other areas of autoimmunity, tumor immunology and basic immunology. Clinical research in the areas of living donation, pediatric transplantation, antibody mediated rejection, tolerance, hepatocellular carcinoma is available as well.

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